Google has become the most evil corporate entity in the world, crushing human rights to aid communist regimes in oppressing freedom

The Intercept has received documents detailing Google’s plan to  work with China and develop a search engine that will censor websites and search terms on human rights, religion, protests, and democracy. Google has been working on the project since 2017. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has met with communist Wang Huning, top foreign policy advisor and member of China’s communist party. The project has been code-named Dragonfly.

Because Google has agreed to comply with China’s strict censorship laws, they will soon be allowed to operate their search engine in the country. Google’s new custom Android app, called “Maotai” and “Longfei,” is set to launch throughout China within the next year. The app is projected to be used by 95 percent of the 750 million internet users in China. This provides a generous revenue stream for Google, but at the cost of human freedom and at the loss of moral and ethical standards for the company. Google has officially engineered a search engine that automatically restrict searches and blacklist websites that are not approved by the communist party. Google is now complicit in crushing human rights to aid and abet communist regimes in oppressing freedom around the world.

Once the new Google search engine app goes live in China, citizens of the communist nation will be able to look up information, as long as that search doesn’t question communism, doesn’t contain news or academic studies that oppose the communist party’s goals. Currently, the Chinese government blocks information about the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. Chinese citizens cannot view any information that challenges authoritarian governments, such as George Orwell’s 1984.

Many have already experienced Google’s censorship in America

China’s Great Firewall already censors out  information that questions communism, blocks sexual material, and omits news sites from the United States. The new Google search app for Android will automatically filter out websites that have already been blacklisted by China’s Great Firewall. If Google has this censorship technology now, have they tested it out in America? Are they currently using the technology for political and corporate gain in the United States and around the world? Many have already experienced this and are speaking out.

When a Chinese citizen conducts a Google search on their mobile device next year, banned websites won’t appear in the first page of the search results. Instead, a disclaimer will pop up, warning “some results may have been removed due to statutory requirements.” According to leaked documents, British news broadcaster BBC and online encyclopedia Wikipedia are among the first websites to be blocked under Google’s new censorship code.

Even worse, some search results will not be shown at all. If the app detects any “sensitive queries,” then “no results will be shown.” The blacklist encompasses Google’s image search, automatic spell check, and various Google features. For instance, Google will not recommend photographs, social media pages, or phrases that China has already banned.

Will Google executives be held accountable?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s cooperation with China’s communist censorship has not been relayed to the more than 88,000 employees who work for the company. Only Google’s upper management knows about Project Dragonfly and the project has not faced public scrutiny.

By complying with China’s censorship laws, Google has signified they are an oppressive, authoritarian operation. Assisting China in the oppression of their people, Google has become an enemy of human freedom, an enemy of free speech and free thought. Companies that do business in China must now succumb to the censorship. Google must be held accountable for racketeering and fraud and for selling out on American values and principles, as they assist China’s communist party in oppressing people around the world.

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