Banned by Google for opposing infanticide

America’s PAC is a conservative political action committee run by Tom Donelson. It produces, among other things, radio and television advertising on behalf of, and in opposition to, politicians. Today America’s PAC revealed that it has been permanently banned from advertising by Google:

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In their on-going corporate campaign against political speech and advertising by Conservatives, Google has permanently suspended Americas PAC’s advertising account saying, “We’ve confirmed that your account is in violation of our Google Ads policies.”

Google did not cite which, if any, policies Americas PAC supposedly violated.

“My assumption is that we violated their policy that liberals should never be criticized,” said Tom Donelson, Chairman of Americas PAC. “Or maybe we violated their policy against effective conservative advertising. It is hard to know because they won’t give us a reason.”

Google’s email made it clear a reason for the suspension would never be given by saying, “Our support team will not be able to give you any more specifics on the suspension.”

This is Google’s communication to America’s PAC:

What did America’s PAC do to incur Google’s ire? It ran two nine-second videos as YouTube prerolls. One attacked Senator Tina Smith, the other attacked Senator Gary Peters. The ads began to run on April 3, and Google suspended both that campaign and America’s PAC’s account on April 5.

What was offensive about the ads? They targeted the senators for their votes against cloture on S. 311, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The Act would require that any child born alive following an attempted abortion be provided appropriate medical care, rather than be allowed to die. This is one of the ads:

Tom Donelson commented:

Google suspended the campaign and Americas PAC’s account on April 5th. Americas PAC appealed and submitted verification information that it is an FEC Registered Political Action Committee and has been engaged in Federal Elections as an Independent Expenditure Committee since 2014.

“The only plausible conclusion is that Google banned Americas PAC for its conservative character, rather than the content of the ads,” Donelson said. “If the content of the ads is acceptable to FCC Regulated radio stations, and Americas PAC is a registered Federal Election Commission Independent Expenditure Committee with a five-year track record of raising and spending millions of dollars reported to the FEC, then the only feasible explanation for Google’s actions is an ingrained corporate bias to protect Democrats.”

That does seem like a logical conclusion. The case for regulating tech giants like Google as public utilities, and paying their employees accordingly, continues to grow stronger.

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