Facebook conspires with liberal “fact-checkers” to defeat Le Pen in France’s upcoming election

The truth is, there is nothing about liberals that is just, fair or honest. They like to claim they have cornered the market on those human traits, as well as compassion, tolerance and open-mindedness, but their behavior regularly demonstrates they actually behave quite the opposite.

That’s why the angry little Leftists who run Facebook are conspiring to defeat conservative “France First” presidential candidate Marine le Pen, a woman who is vying for the country’s top elected position.

And by the way, what happened to the Left’s war against the glass ceiling? Maybe it’s because France has had a female leader in the past. Surely that’s it.

Anyway, just as the social media giant pledged to prevent “fake news” from reaching its coveted News Feed here in the US – code for, ‘We don’t want any conservative media getting any attention because they are always right’ – now it’s working to “filter” French news feeds. (RELATED: When a lie becomes the narrative, it is covered at Propaganda.news)

As reported by The Verge, Facebook is “partnering” with “eight media fact-checkers” to ensure that any news regarding France’s upcoming presidential election is real:

According to Le Monde, one of Facebook’s partners, the French campaign is similar to an initiative that Facebook launched in the US late last year, and in Germany last month. Both Facebook and Google faced widespread criticism for allowing fake news to spread during the US presidential election, and European leaders have expressed concern that such misinformation could impact upcoming elections across the continent.

If users report news as “fake,” those stories get sent to a single portal that all eight news organizations and fact-checking groups can access. Once there, they get to decide what is and is not real; if at least two media outlets proclaim it to be false, then the story gets flagged, and users will be treated to a warning by Facebook that hey, this stuff is made up.

Only, as has been pointed out since Facebook first announced its post-election effort to weed out “fake news” from U.S. media sources, the real fake news has been coming primarily from so-called “mainstream” outlets like CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Buzzfeed and others.

There are other ways these outlets are spreading fake information. For instance, President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel into the United States from seven terrorism-infested countries is being portrayed as some sort of an attack on Islam. This Bloomberg View piece is typical:

President Donald Trump’s executive order barring the U.S. entry of refugees from seven majority-Muslim countries — while prioritizing refugees who are religious minorities, namely Christians — is a shameful display of discrimination against people who are by legal definition innocent and in danger of their lives. It also violates the constitutional value of equal religious liberty.

Trump is not saying every Muslim is a terrorist; but his order, like President Obama’s before him, does acknowledge that Muslim countries have a big problem with creating terrorists.

Another recently-begun false narrative is that Trump’s first Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is filling a “stolen seat,” as reported by MediaFactWatch.com. The site notes that the Left’s bible, The New York Times, says the seat was “stolen” by the Senate Republican majority because it refused to hold hearings on Merrick Garland, a liberal-leaning U.S. District Appeals Court judge who, if confirmed, would have given the nation’s highest court a distinct anti-constitutional Left-wing bent. (RELATED: See what the mainstream media is lying about today at NewsFakes.com)

The thing is, the Senate, per the Constitution, gives its “advice and consent” of a president’s judicial nominees – but it doesn’t have to give it. There is no constitutional requirement that the Senate vet any presidential nominee, let alone give consent.

But that story, because it’s coming from the Times, would make it into the Facebook feed. Ditto for similar fake news from the rest of the establishment “mainstream” media, which churns out a steady stream of shameless disinfo.

In France, as in the U.S., Facebook users will now be treated to a steady diet of “news” that contains a singular anti-conservative, globalist view, which is not freedom but a form of soft tyranny and censorship. Le Pen may just overcome this bias anyway, just like Trump did.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel







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