Twitter won’t ban Farrakhan for calling Jews “termites,” but bans patriots for calling liberals mindless NPCs

In a Sunday post at Axios, co-founder Jim VandeHei implored his fellow Left-wing journalists to stop using Twitter because they demonstrate their “liberal bias” every day.

“News organizations should ban their reporters from doing anything on social media — especially Twitter — beyond sharing stories. Snark, jokes and blatant opinion are showing your hand, and it always seems to be the left one. This makes it impossible to win back the skeptics,” he wrote.

Well, it’s not likely that his colleagues would show anything but their Left-wing bias because that’s who and what they are. And Twitter enables them by refusing to censor or ban any of them, no matter how repulsive their tweets.

Because that’s what Twitter is.

As noted by The Daily Wire, Twitter recently banned some conservatives who called Bradley (Chelsea) Manning a traitor for leaking classified information (hint: he is), but if a noted Left-wing leader of the Nation of Islam – Louis Farrakhan – calls Jews “termites,” nothing happens.

“I’m not an anti-Semite,” Farrakhan tweeted recently. “I’m anti-termite.”

Nice, huh?

Joe Bernstein, a reporter for Left-leaning Buzzfeed News, couldn’t allow that slur – and Twitter’s obvious ethnic bias – to go unchallenged.

“Just in from a @Twitter spokesperson: Louis Farrakhan’s tweet comparing Jews to termites is not in violation of the company’s policies. The policy on dehumanizing language has not yet been implemented. So if you want to compare Jews to rats/insects – get it in while you can!” he tweeted.

Okay, so Twitter did take some action: Farrakhan’s blue verification checkmark has been removed, but only after he tweeted, “Thoroughly and completely unmasking the Satanic Jew and the Synagogue of Satan.” The comparison to an insect, however, was still just fine with Twitter’s obviously biased content managers, even though the social media platform’s rules state that no “dehumanizing” speech would be allowed.

Right. (Related:BUSTED: Undercover media sting reveals Twitter targeting conservatives and independent media for censorship via “shadow bans”.)

Buzzfeed News noted further that Twitter announced only three weeks ago that “non-targeted dehumanizing speech” would not be tolerated on the platform and would be banned. An example of such speech is, “Statements along the lines of ‘All members of protected group X are dogs or rats or whatever.’”

Social media giants will never voluntarily be fair to conservatives

The site reported:

Twitter — which already has a policy against hateful conduct and prohibits attacking people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, and serious disease — says the new policy would expand on this.

Officials with Twitter claimed that they also considered user feedback when adopting the expanded policy.

“We wanted to hear from the broadest array of people that we could come up with about what they like and what they hate,” said Del Harvey, Twitter’s vice president of trust and safety, in an interview with BuzzFeed News. “Getting feedback from people will give us the opportunity to bring people along with us into the considerations that go into making this policy.”

Apparently not.

That hasn’t stopped Leftist media types who are trying to provoke the platform into banning its most high-profile user – POTUS Donald Trump – while pretending he tweets racist, provocative things like “infest” when he’s talking about illegal aliens flooding into the country.

Meanwhile, the platform continues to ban conservatives. It banned Infowars and Alex Jones over what its content Nazis deemed a provocation in violation of “abusive behavior” rules.

Also, the platform banned GayPatriot, a popular account run by Bruce Carroll, last week even though he wasn’t even given a reason other than ‘being hateful’ – just that he had been banned and it would not be restored.

Twitter’s decision to unevenly enforce its rules has drawn a lot of criticism from tens of millions of Americans and even members of Congress, but none of it has mattered. The platform continues to treat conservatives and POTUS Trump supporters as lepers while giving racists and bigots like Farrakhan all the speech they want.

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