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After enduring two grueling and completely unjust months in solitary confinement in a U.K. prison, independent U.K. journalist Tommy Robinson could be headed back to the slammer – again, for doing absolutely nothing wrong other than exercising his free speech rights.

Ezra Levant from The Rebel, a friend of Tommy’s, discussed during a recent episode of his show, how U.K. authorities aren’t content with the persecution they’ve already committed against Tommy. What they’re hoping to do is lock him up for at least another year, all for the “crime” of reporting on a heinous case involving filthy Muslim “migrants” who raped a child.

“I just spoke to Tommy Robinson, and he told me the news: They’re trying to send him back to prison next month,” Levant explained during the segment, which you can watch at below:

Tommy Robinson has already endured HORRIBLE abuse and mistreatment in a U.K. prison

In case you missed it, Tommy was taken away in cuffs earlier this year under a secret order from the U.K. government. He was held in solitary confinement, starved, and tortured both physically and psychologically, resulting in him having to go to the hospital twice. He was eventually released after winning a Court of Appeal case, but was severely damaged from his experience there.

“A man is not meant to be in solitary confinement, locked in a small cage 23-and-a-half hours a day for two solid months, with Muslim prison gangs being allowed to come right up to his cell shouting violent threats at him, literally pushing their own human excrement through his prison window,” Levant explained.

“All the while, he’s living on just a can of tuna and a piece of fruit a day. Only two visits the entire time from his family, that’s what the prison officials ordered be done to Tommy.”

As Tommy continues his attempt at recovery from these horrors, he’s now being pursued a second time by the U.K. government. For whatever reason, these tyrants want Tommy to go to trial again for crimes he never actually committed, and that have already been dismissed by the Court of Appeal, which found that it was an “improper” and “illegal” sentence to put him in prison, let alone solitary confinement.

“They want to do it to him all over again,” says Levant. “They want to put him in prison again.”

Levant: If Tommy Robinson goes to prison again, there’s a good chance he might DIE

But that’s not the worst of it. After witnessing that damage that’s already been done to Tommy as a result of his previous prison experience, Levant is convinced that if he returns, he probably won’t survive.

“I am sorry, but that will probably kill him,” reveals Levant. “You saw him after two months in solitary confinement. Now imagine him after 13 months.”

Keep in mind that the contempt of court charges originally levied against Tommy were complete bunk. The man never committed any crime, but was still imprisoned in apparent revenge for him daring to bring to light the dark consequences of Great Britain’s Muslim invasion.

“Tommy should never have served a day in prison,” says Levant. “No British journalist has been in prison for contempt of court since the 1940s. They want him to serve even more time now. They want to go at him again. The U.K. government does not have to do this.”

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