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The concept of “liberalism” in 2018 is something of a misnomer. That’s because there’s nothing truly liberal about censoring voices you don’t like, vilifying people who think differently than you, and persecuting others based on their variant political leanings – which is exactly what modern-day Democrats embrace every single day as tenets of their life ideology.

During a recent episode of The Alex Jones Show that was uploaded to, Alex Jones got the chance to speak with Owen Benjamin, a comedian who, like Jones, has been ostracized from the mainstream and banned from many online media outlets simply for producing comedy in criticism of all this deranged leftism.

Coming to the defense of Jones, Benjamin explains how today’s liberals are essentially the most intolerant people on the planet, and somehow feel the need to censor and silence anything and anyone that “triggers” them, including popular shows like The Alex Jones Show and InfoWars news. It’s a form of cultural Marxism that’s dividing the nation, he says, while exposing the Left for who they truly are.

“I think that it’ll just continue to divide people until you have almost two just completely different nations existing in America: One that hates America and does not want any border security, and is ironic in every single thing they say,” says Benjamin about what’s currently transpiring in America.

“Kanye West says that black people don’t have to vote Democrat, and they call him a racist for that … just mind-blowing ironies.”

Conservatives strive for greatness and liberty, while liberals fight tooth and nail for mediocrity and socialism

As for conservatives like himself and Jones, Benjamin says that working hard and striving for greatness is why the right will ultimately succeed. But in the meantime, it’s going to be a whole lot of culture war going on until every last liberal is revealed for who they truly are.

“You’ll have people like us from a variety of backgrounds that just see the world as more individuals, and business is beautiful for people like us because, in the real world, merit is validated,” explains Benjamin.

“You know, Facebook and Twitter stocks are plummeting. Facebook lost 18 percent of its company’s value in one week because of decisions like this, (banning InfoWars), because virtue signaling is not profitable, especially when it’s so false.”

It’s basically Marxism rebranded – a shift from focusing on the “haves” and the “have-nots,” to constantly harping on about race. White versus black and brown seems to be the left’s latest form of division creation in the U.S., and Benjamin says that, despite the constant negative attacks against those exposing the scheme, conservatives need to speak more loudly than ever before.

“You can’t fudge it, you have to go all or nothing,” Benjamin contends.

“I don’t think they realize that striking someone down actually validates their original point. And that happened to me, they tried to erase me. You know, one minute I’m entertaining the Martin Scorseses of the world, and Anne Hathaway is on stage saying she’s a big fan of mine, and the next minute they just try to wipe me, and all it did was increase the grassroots ability of me touring and for me to produce my own specials. You know, now I just shoot and produce my own specials for my website, I don’t go through the normal gatekeepers.”

In other words, what doesn’t kill you as a conservative only makes you stronger. It’s up to you, and I, and everyone else who values freedom of speech and all of the other liberties afforded to us by God and the Constitution to take advantage of them, even if it means doing it alone. It also requires taking on the giants and holding them accountable for their crimes against humanity.

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