Join the #RestoreTheHealthRanger tweetstorm to demand an end to YouTube censorship of intelligent speech

Today we’re announcing a tweetstorm activism effort to reach out to YouTube’s twitter accounts with demands to #RestoreTheHealthRanger channel.

Several weeks ago, YouTube terminated the entire Health Ranger video channel without warning, wiping out over 1,700 videos and 350,000+ subscribers. This was done as a politically motivated censorship action to silence intelligent voices that dare to question the power monopolies of the status quo.

All this week, join Health Ranger / Natural News fans in tweeting out the reasons why you enjoy Health Ranger video content and demand a restoration of “TheHealthRanger” channel. Direct your tweets to these YouTube accounts on Twitter:


Be polite, of course, but let YouTube know why you value Health Ranger videos and intelligent commentary. Watch my video for more details — or click here to view it on Vimeo — and read to stay up to date on the latest censorship schemes by Google and YouTube:

Launching this July 4th:, the answer to YouTube censorship

Even if YouTube doesn’t restore TheHealthRanger channel, we are building and launching a massive video community system called Go there now to request a content channel (and we’ve just updated the form, so if you’ve already requested an invitation, go back and fill out the form now to get a channel). is a free speech safe haven for all those intelligent, valuable voices that are being terminated or shadow-banned by Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It’s being built to handle one billion video views per month, and we already have over 16,000 requests for content channels there.

Content creators: Save all your video files! You’ll finally have a reliable, friendly place to upload them where they won’t be wiped out due to some globalist technocrats deciding they don’t like your message.

Complete the form now on the home page to request a content channel.



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