Unreal: Facebook takes down a pro-Trump account just hours before company execs attend a censorship hearing on Capitol Hill

Executives from the social media giants Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter appeared at a  House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday to answer questions about why their platforms are systematically censoring, banning, or otherwise limiting content from conservative, independent, and pro-POTUS Donald Trump media.

But before the hearing was even called to order, Facebook banned a popular pro-Trump fan page that had become one of the most influential, NewsWars reported.

“God Emperor Trump,” which had about 330,000 likes, made it a ripe target for censorship — too tempting, obviously, for Facebook’s Marxists to ignore any longer. 

What’s more, the take-down was not the first for the page. It was the sixth.

Due to the page’s proven track record of abiding by all of Facebook’s community rules, it’s always been restored. That may not happen this time. 

“We are not a racist, anti-Semitic group of people — we are pro-America, pro-Christianity, pro-West, and pro-Memes,” said Tom Pappert, creator of the page, in a press release. “This is why we believe Facebook has given our page back five times. We simply do not post anything outside of the realm of mainstream conservatism, or ‘Trumpism.’”

“The purge of God Emperor Trump comes on the same day that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other social media executives will be testifying before Congress to answer accusations about political censorship of conservatives,” he continued. “We believe this is a clear and obvious example of censorship of mainstream conservatives, and it is the sixth such instance. At the same time, InfoWars recently released a bombshell report detailing the social media giants’ strategy to censor conservatives.”

The report was a joint project by Infowars and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, founder/editor of the Natural News Network called “The Censorship Master Plan Decoded,” and is also known as “The Adams Report.” [.pdf]

Flat-out censorship

The 50-page report is an in-depth look at how the major social media platforms are working in tandem with Left-leaning “establishment” and “legacy” news organizations to shut down conservative, pro-Trump speech and propagandize the population with one-sided Marxist groupthink. (Related: Instagram censors Planned Parenthood meme posted by black activist… the PURGE of speech continues.)

As Adams explains, though, banning or otherwise censoring speech on these major social media platforms is the 21st century’s version of banning people from gathering on the public square or walking on a sidewalk decades ago, because that’s where we — years ago — used to assemble and interact. 

Today most people do so online; the platforms have become that massive and pervasive.

“Read this document in full,” Adams says. “Forward it to your representatives in Washington, D.C. Urge lawmakers and our president to act on this now, or we will lose not just our freedom to speak, but our right to meaningfully participate in the dominant public space platforms through which social and professional actions now take place.”

The fact that Facebook censors banned a major pro-Trump page right before Tuesday’s congressional hearing is indicative of the problem. What’s more, according to Pappert, having his page taken down has become a regular thing with the Facebook speech Nazis. After a few times of being taken down for “community rules violations” only to be reinstated days later would make anyone going through similar censorship ask, “Why are you targeting me?”

Having a page removed more than just a few times and then reinstated isn’t being done because the site is posting inappropriate content. It’s being done as a form of harassment. There’s no other way to explain it.

There’s also no denying that banning of conservative, pro-Trump materials is taking place. There are scientific studies to support the claim.

Read more about social media censorship at Censorship.news.

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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