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The Censorship Report, a site dedicated to exposing the criminality of the extreme Left, has just joined Mike Adams, founder of Natural News and director of CWC Labs, created as a pro-liberty alternative to YouTube and other video-sharing sites that have been overtaken by liberal tyrants bent on quashing conservative voices.

The Censorship Report is home to many special reports on acts of censorship, deceit, lies and other tripe propagated by the left-wing. There, you can find official websites for those leading the fight against censorship. And on their new channel, Uncensored America, you can find video coverage of the latest liberal atrocities.

Recently, The Censorship Report captured screenshots of  Google listing “Nazism” as the first ideology of the California Republican Party.

This “mistake” has since been remedied, but many Republicans and others are still disturbed by Google’s blatant discrimination against conservatives. At the end of May, California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy, also House Majority Leader, told reporters, “It is disgraceful that the world’s largest search engine has labeled millions of California Republicans as Nazis.”

“This is just the latest incident in a disturbing trend to slander conservatives. These damaging actions must be held to account. The bias has to stop,” he added.

At The Censorship Report‘s new channel, you can see what’s really going on in the United States, and how the Left is trying to hide it.

Is the next Civil War already here?

In a recent video, Uncensored America questions if the next Civil War is already on the horizon. The 14-minute video explores the political challenges facing the United States today. The Right and the Left are increasingly at odds with each other, with the Left, in particular, taking on increasingly radical talking points.

In the video, Maxine Waters is seen telling a crowd of people that if they see members of the Trump administration out in public, they should make a scene and “tell them they’re not welcome.” Footage of Antifa radicals fighting with and attacking conservative protesters shows just how violent this war of ideals has become.

“In truth, the second Civil War has already started,” a clip of the Health Ranger asserts.

Though the mainstream media paints a picture of Antifa as innocent people trying to stamp out violent right-wing protests, video footage shows a different side to the story: The protesters are quietly marching with flags, until they’re attacked and beaten by Antifa.  See more below:

Selling out America

In another new video, The Censorship Report’s channel, Uncensored America, documents how liberals are trying to sell their anti-America agenda to the masses, one piece of propaganda at a time. A video clip shows Democrats arguing that California, arguably the most left-leaning state in the nation, ought to be an inspiration for the rest of the country. But, as the video shows, Democratic politicians are quick to assert that only they have the answers, and it’s simply conservatives that are standing in their way of solving the nation’s issues. But as the TV host notes, Democrats are guilty of their own stand-stills on major issues. See the rest of the video below:

Censorship of conservative voices has already reached an all-time high, as thought suppression by way of Google, Facebook and others is growing more extreme by the day. But at, truth-telling, liberty-loving channels banned by YouTube are keeping the American spirit alive.

Learn more about suppression in America at

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