Video uploaders now getting MORE views on than on YouTube… proof of extreme YouTube shadow banning

The shadow banning on YouTube is now so bad that video content creators are starting to report receiving more views on than they’re receiving on YouTube.

Think about that: YouTube has billions of video views each month. is currently serving a tiny fraction of that — less than 1/10th of one percent — yet people are receiving more views on due to the intense shadow banning of YouTube.

One user called ThePhoenixEnigma covers this startling fact in an eye-opening video shown here, in which he compares video views on YouTube vs. Not surprisingly, he finds is now receiving more views on nearly every video.

Watch his video here:

Over 300 people are creating channels each day. The network is now serving over 2 million video minutes per week (that’s up 100% over the last two weeks). Create your own video channel at this link.

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