Watch at as Alex Jones unpacks how America has sold out to communist censorship

Putting all the pieces together, it’s becoming abundantly clear that the massive censorship efforts by social media corporations in recent weeks all point back to communist China, where even more egregious censorship technologies are already being widely used against the Chinese people.

During a recent episode of The Alex Jones Show that aired at, Alex Jones explained how what’s currently happening in the United States is a reflection of a much worse situation in China, where the Chinese are now being assigned “social credit scores” that determine the level of freedom they’re permitted by China’s communist government.

In the U.S., it’s starting to look this way as well, at least as far as social media is concerned. Unpopular voices are being blacklisted, having their content removed, and even having their accounts deleted and banned, as was the case with InfoWars.

“China is to be the main power source, the main industrial source, the main military source, the main global force controlling the planet,” says Jones. “America has been sold out.”

President Trump is “desperately” trying to ward off the communist giant that’s threatening American free speech

According to Jones, President Trump has been busy working out strategies to keep the communist giant at bay, including through negotiations with China. But the onslaught of tyranny might just be too great to stop.

“Trump desperately has tried to get in there and change this, and basically just negotiate something where we’re not totally subservient,” stated Jones during a recent segment of his show.

“And China, the E.U., and Davos have all said that, no, we’re going to crush the American people. Jack Dorsey said, ‘we’re going to crush this nationalist, Trump movement.’ He said that, what, six months ago, ‘we’re going to crush you.'”

“Ignorant” and “stupid” Republicans in Congress responsible for social media censorship, Jones says

It’s easy to throw all the punches at the far left, which has been openly advocating for this assault against the First Amendment for at least the past several years. But it’s actually cowardly Republicans in Congress who are to blame for not cracking down on the problem, seeing as how they represent a majority.

“This is the type of propaganda you see before you invade a country,” warns Jones.

“Well, they’re invading the First Amendment. They’re setting a precedent to shut us down. They had congressional hearings about internet censorship, and the Republicans were so incredibly stupid, the Republicans were being so incredibly ignorant, and had circles being run around them, that they just green-lighted to go all the way.”

Establishment Republicans are just as evil as establishment Democrats

Spineless Republicans with no backbone or wisdom are the real traitors, in other words, because they have the power to put a stop to this communist takeover and are refusing to do so. This further proves that establishment Republicans and Democrats represent two sides to the same deep state coin, and that both need to go for the preservation of liberty.

Already, the leftist clowns are rewriting history as it concerns the legacy of Alex Jones and InfoWars on social media platforms. On Facebook, for instance, the InfoWars page shows up blank, but the recommended “sister” channels are still there, and show far-left channels like Buzzfeed, SNL, The Tonight Show, and other propaganda outlets that have nothing in common with InfoWars or The Alex Jones Show.

“So at my grave marker on ‘ChinaTube,’ as YouTube and Google marry China, on my grave stone it says, ‘Buzzfeed,'” jokes Jones about the memory-holing of his Facebook pages.

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